One of the more complicated language additions that you will have in estate planning is the Executor, Trustee, and Guardian Language. 

In this video, we give an example of how to set up Executor, Trustee, and Guardian Language in Knackly.

Here is the automated text that was used in the video.

I appoint {[ClientWill.InitialExecutors.Fiduciary.FullName]}{[if ClientWill.InitialExecutors.CoFiduciary.FullName]} and {[ClientWill.InitialExecutors.CoFiduciary.FullName]} to {[ClientWill.InitialExecutors.Acting]}{[endif]} as Executor{[if ClientWill.InitialExecutors.CoFiduciary.FullName]}s{[endif]}.  If {[if ClientWill.InitialExecutors.CoFiduciary.FullName]}both my executors{[else]}my executor{[endif]} fails to qualify or ceases to serve for any reason, then I will appoint {[list ClientWill.SuccessorExecutors]}{[Fiduciary.FullName]} {[if CoFiduciary.FullName]} and {[CoFiduciary.FullName]} to {[Acting]} {[endif]}as my {[_index|ordinal]} successor Executor{[if CoFiduciary.FullName]}s{[endif]}.  {[endlist]}