The following enhancements and fixes were deployed on 13 Nov 2020. (Correction: an earlier edition of these notes incorrectly cited 9 Nov 2020 as the release date.)

New Features and Enhancements

Designer and Apps

  • File Variables: your models can now define variables of type "file". When your users are running apps to enter information into Knackly, file variables allow them to upload files (images, pdfs, documents, whatever) as part of the data being gathered. When files are uploaded, they appear in a special "Attachments" section of the data record in Knackly, from where they can be downloaded and put to use. #299, #301, #313
  • DOCX Insertion (beta): You can now use DOCX templates to retain formatting while reusing content in multiple places. Simply refer to a DOCX template from within another DOCX template, and the content of the former will be assembled and inserted into the latter.
    • This feature should be considered beta quality: please share your feedback on how it works!
    • Note: At this time, insertion can only be done at the paragraph level: you cannot insert one DOCX template into the middle of another DOCX paragraph. For this reason, the reference from the "parent" DOCX to the "child" DOCX must be in its own paragraph. 
    • At the present time, the two features above (File variables and DOCX inserts) do not "cross over" -- you cannot yet insert uploaded files into documents that are being generated. Support for this will be coming soon.
  • External Downloads: External-facing apps that generate documents can now make those documents available directly for download by the external user. #354, #394
  • Table Copy/Paste: Tabular data can now be copied and pasted between Knackly tables in the Designer and other sources of tabular data such as Excel #302, #428
  • Unlabeled Questions: You can now make questions in your apps show up without labels. This can be useful in situations where the context of the input box (within a layout) makes its meaning clear. #380
  • Import Record: In addition to exporting a record (which has been available for some time), you can now also import a previously-exported record into a catalog. #433

Word Add-in

  • The official Knackly Add-in for Word is now available from Microsoft's AppSource
  • Now allows simple choice of a format when inserting text, number or date variables #386
  • Wizard for inserting "if true/false" and "if selection" fields #376, #377
  • Variables and DOCX templates can now be created on models other than the catalog's primary model. #411

Other Fixes


  • #326 - Calendar for date variables now better avoids popping up scrolled off-screen


  • #428 - When rows are selected within a Table and copied, they can now be pasted correctly into Excel or other applications that accept tab-separated values
  • #442 - Fixed a rare issue where adding or removing variables while a search filter was currently applied caused currently-hidden variables to be lost
  • #445 - When the list of variables (or formulas) does not have room for both a variable's name and its type, the name is now prioritized for display over the type

Word Add-in

  • #417, #421 - When editing a variable from the Word add-in, clicking the Advanced... link now takes you directly to that variable in your web browser for access to all properties
  • #415, #418 - Fixed a problem causing templates and formulas to be missing in the add-in's user interface
  • #443, #454 - When editing a selection variable nested inside an object model, changes to its properties and options are now saved properly